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CodeWarrior vs. GCC - our experience

We started with GCC. I had prior experience in using GCC on Solaris - so it wasn't much of a problem setting up the Palm environment on my Windows ME system. We used PilotMag which I think is a pretty cool software for visual design of forms. GCC is ok for beginners - but it has it's quirks and is not very suitable if you want to get into rapid and robust development.

We currently use CodeWarrior 7.0 which I got for a good deal at - in fact I got 25$ off and shipping free, so I got the software for less than 270$ when other sites were giving the same for over 320. I like CodeWarrior - the IDE is good, the integration of the overall tools is excellent - making it fast to use and debug. I'm not too happy with the Palm constructor that comes with it, but what the heck. The sample Palm source code that comes with the package is very useful. So I guess it's the same opinion - casual user, start with GCC but a more serious programmer would want to consider CodeWarrior. (



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