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A: Read this first!

A: Read this first! GraphLib: Introduction.

GraphLib is a set of basic API's that help developers support statistical graphs easily in their applications with minimal effort.

Please read Copyright information to see what you can do with the code.

While not required, I would be thankful if you mention in your user manuals that you used GraphLib to provide graph support.

The GraphLib source file contains the API's that implement basic graph routines. Current supported graph types are BAR, STACKED BAR LINE, LINE_FILL, THERMO and PIE.


This manual assumes that

a) You have the basic knowledge of ANSI 'C' usage of GCC and Makefiles

b) Your application is meant for Palm OS 3.0 and above

This application has been compiled and tested using CodeWarrior 7.0 for Palm.

Copyright (C) 2001. Venu M.

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