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B1: Important instructions for previous users of GraphLib.

B1: Important instructions for previous users of GraphLib. If you are a current user of GraphLib, you should have received this as a free upgrade. There are some important changes in this version (2.0) that you should know of.

1. This version has support for Pie graphs. But to enable that you will need to have MathLib. If you are not interested in Pie graphs then you may want to compile with -D __NO_MATHLIB__ to do away with dependency on MathLib. By compiling with this switch you will get rid of most code but you may have unused variables hanging around - its your choice to remove them or keep them.

2. GraphLib Basic (version 1.3) will no more be supported or upgraded. All future versions of GraphLib will be 2.0 -- but do not worry, all existing customers of GraphLib will continue to get upgrades free. (aaaargh! :-) )

3. grlib.h is now gr.h, and fill.h is no more.

Except additions of new variables in the graph structure and totally new functions for Pie graphs - there is no change that will affect your existing code.

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