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C: Installation instructions

C: Installation instructions

Graphlib comes with the complete CodeWarrior project and can be used immediately in code warrior (project created in CW 7.0). GCC users will have to extract the essential files listed below and create the project if they wish to reproduce the demo.

Extract the archive to a directory (preferably called graphlib). You should find the following files in the directory hierarchy. (there are other files that would be particular to CW)

Essential files (found in the Src directory)

  • gr.c -- the main GraphLib API source file
  • gr.h -- the accompanying header file

    Test application files(found in the Src directory)

  • app.c -- the test application source file.

    GCC users cannot compile from the resources to recreate the demo. To test graphlib it is recommended you create your own forms (.rcp) and compile these source files.

    two .PRC files that you can upload and see as demo are also included - you can try it on POSE or on the handheld. The "basic" PRC file does not require MathLib and will show all graphs except PIE. Use the premium PRC file to see PIE graphs as well (you will need to install MathLib.prc on your POSE/HandHeld)

    Using the test application

    Notes -app.c is a test application file you can look at to tinker with cases and see how graph creation is done. Specifically see the routine DoGraph() that contains the comments and code on how the API's are used. If you manage to get the application compiled and running, it will the same as the demo you saw in enclosed .PRC file.

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