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void drawThermoGraph

(UInt8 x, UInt8 y, UInt8 ex, UInt8 ey,
  UInt8 coljmp, Boolean orient,
  Boolean color)

[OPTIONAL]:Draws a "thermometer" type graph with color shade


[OPTIONAL]:Draws a "thermometer" type graph with color shade

x - ,y,ex,ey coordinates of graph. Note that here the graph (a bar) is actually drawn from x,y to x+ex and x+ey. Keep ex or ey small for better effect.
coljmp - To obtain the "shade", the function draws each new line with a color index value 1 less or more than the previous. To obtain shades of any color pass an index for the color (See RGB() function usage)
or - orientation - true for horizontal and false for vertical. the lines are drawn either horizontally or vertically, you could consider this as "grain" orientation. See demo in app.c for example.
color - whether shade is color or greyscale. At this version only color is supported
NOTE: Thermo graph is not inherently a part of any actual graph and can be considered as a library to display certain information graphically - an example is a progress indicator, or a bar showing 2 activities. It is left to the user to ensure right coordinates are passed after calculating the scales from the actual graph values. Maybe I will integrate this to graph routines sometime in the future.

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