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Home Creations

Great Palm OS™ software. Everything else is irrelevant.

GraphLib 2.0
  • Source code comes with detailed API documentation and a sample application to show how development is done
  • Contains Support for Line, Line Fill, bar, Stacked bar, Thermo and Pie Graphs
  • Requires MathLib if user wishes to use trigonometric graphs (Pie Graph only in the current edition, possibly others in the future upgrades),  otherwise MathLib is NOT required.
  • New features and graphs will get added
  • Available on Handango, PalmGear and PayPal
  • All future upgrades are free
  • Priced at USD 19.99


(screenshot from actual working program)



(c) homecreations, 2001-2002. All sample downloads and final products are sold on the condition that at no circumstance shall homecreations be held responsible for any kind of damage or harm caused by the software. There are no implied warranties and you are wholly responsible for all eventualities. God, what legal crap do we have to print to save ourselves.