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Product review

Below are some reviewer's comments on GraphLib - have been taken from different websites.

"This graph tool is a must to have. I'm new in this game, but could stil make it work. Had some problem due to lack of knowlage, but with a couple of e-mail to HomeCreations, things got in order pretty quick. The service and support they have given me is unbelievable gooooooooood !!!!" - From Norway

"This code is possibly the best developer utility I have ever used. It has enriched my application ten fold and has my beta testers screaming for more. After playing with the API's, and having fun doing so, I had some questions on further customizing the charts. The developer returned my email promptly which I beleive is absolutely critical with these types of utilities. Well done and well suppported, like it should be. Can't wait for Pie chart support." - from US

"I've been looking out for some graphing libraries for my palm software development and came across this source code bundle. I can say that its an excellent piece of software with a very useful html manual that i refer to when coding." - from US


(c) homecreations, 2001-2002. All sample downloads and final products are sold on the condition that at no circumstance shall homecreations be held responsible for any kind of damage or harm caused by the software. There are no implied warranties and you are wholly responsible for all eventualities. God, what legal crap do we have to print to save ourselves.