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  • What is GraphLib, why should I use it?

GraphLib is a set of API's given as source code and lets you create different graphs (PIE, BAR, LINE etc.) quickly with almost no headache. Graphs are far more powerful than a set of numbers on the screen - they convey a lot more information effectively. If you are a developer that wishes to add punch to your app - GraphLib is just what you need.

  • If I purchase it, will I get all upgrades for free?

Only if you purchase the Premium package (GraphLib 2.0 Premium). See Comparison between Premium and Basic for more details.

  • Does GraphLib come with Database support? Can I scroll the graphs?

GraphLib is a set of library API's that let you create graphs. You get the source code for those API's. Like any library - it does not come with support for databases, scrolling etc - it is left for the application developers to use these API's and create such features. (For e.g. socket libraries do not come with a server-client chat application. The developers uses the socket library to create any feature.)

  • I am a developer in a commercial organization and I would like to enable my apps with GraphLib. Do I need to do anything special?

Yes. Please refer to my Note to commercial users

  • Can I re-distribute the source code with my application?

Absolutely NOT. You can only compile your application with GraphLib to provide graph support. Please do not redistribute the code.

  • I need some support on using these API's -- where do I look?

Your first choice would be to post a question to the GraphLib Yahoo newsgroup, and if that did not work, you can mail me at

  • Can you show me some code sample to see how easy it is to create graphs?

Sure! check out Code Example page for sample code and graph.


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