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Graphlib ownership has moved!

Any new purchases will have to be done from

I no longer support the product. Life got me! :)

Content below is for informational purposes only
(as on June 17 2004)
. The latest support, status or any other information regarding graphlib (including ports, other platforms) can be found at 

Chart Maker - GraphLib 2.0 ( source code.)

Graph Lib is a set of API's that help developers "graph-enable" their applications quickly and painlessly. The visual impact of graph/charts is much greater than a set of numbers, and these API's provide a cool way to create those graphs. Check out this code for creating a bar graph to see how simple your job is!

Many developers have bought Graph Lib because they see value in it. Shouldn't you too? Customers love the product and it's being used by commercial developers as well.

Download 2.0 demo

GraphLib support area

Need more help with the product? Check out these resources

Sample screens