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Registered users of GraphLib 1.3 and below - if you have not received upgrade instructions to 2.0 please mail me.

Chart Maker - GraphLib 2.0 ( source code.) $19.99

Graph Lib is a set of API's that help developers "graph-enable" their applications quickly and painlessly. The visual impact of graph/charts is much greater than a set of numbers, and these API's provide a cool way to create those graphs. Check out this code for creating a bar graph to see how simple your job is!

Many developers have bought Graph Lib because they see value in it. Shouldn't you too? Customers love the product and it's being used by commercial developers as well.

Download 2.0 demo

PayPal purchase is cheaper by 2$

GraphLib support area

Need more help with the product? Check out these resources

Sample screens

Work Wolf!

A really cool time-tracking tool. No "dazzling array of features", no "hundred different settings." Just a simple, no frills, but effective way to track how you spent your time, keep notes, and even turn into a diary! And yes, it uses GraphLib to show some information as graphs.

Check out what Work Wolf is all about!

WorkWolf 1.0 had some bugs and I'm working on cleaning it out and give some more features for free. So wait for a few days for 2.0

Sample screen


Newbie DB( source code.) $4.99 

Newbie DB is something many developers and newbie programmer's would want. This is "source code" that implements basic database functions with easy to use API's. 

These API's will let you create/open databases, write into them, read from them, search and delete with simple functions without having to bother about inner workings. It isn't a sophisticated piece of art - but it is easy and works for simple database implementations.

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